Dragonara Casino

Dragonara Casino (St. Julians, Malta)

Dragonara Casino is located in the small town of St. Julians on the island of Malta and is based in a beautiful 19th-century palace but in classic style, as in Ancient Greece. This palace was built by commission of the Marquis Scicluna for their summer holidays and we can understand the reasons for it: a beautiful sea, in the middle of the Mediterranean, with a magical atmosphere colored by unforgettable sunsets. The Dragonara Casino offers the opportunity to spend very pleasant evenings in total relaxation, providing its customers with first-class catering services. The Dragonara Casino is totally surrounded by the sea, so you’ll always have the opportunity to take a break and socialize in a very romantic setting.


Every day the Dragonara Casino presents a different tournament on a weekly basis. On Mondays there is the Monday Free, with buy-ins of 30th and 15k stacks; On Tuesdays it presents the Unlimited Tuesday, with buy-ins of 10 to 5 euros and a 4k stack; On Wednesdays it offers Bounty Wednesday with a buy-in of 20-10 and a stack of 10k; On Thursdays at Dragonara Casino, Treble Chance Thursdays is scheduled with two types of buy-ins, one from 10 to 5 euros and the other from 10th 10th with 2 re-buys or 1 re-buy with add on; Friday is the day of 3-2-1- Friday, with a buy in of 30th 5th and 10k initial stacks; Saturday is the day that the Dragonara Casino usually dedicates to satellites of major events or Deep Stack tables; Finally, on Sunday, he presents Dragons Sunday with a buy-in with an initial 15k stack.

Available Dragonara Casino Games Available

The Dragonara Casino can count on collaboration with Novomatic and therefore manages to provide state-of-the-art hi-tech games including the hundreds of slot machines available, suitable for every type of player and pocket. Among the board games offered by the Dragonara Casino are the American Roulette, the Black Jack, the Bank Point and the inevitable Poker, also present in the version of the house, the Dragonara Stud Poker, which allows you to win a bonus of up to 8000 euros for a single euro stake.

General Information

The beautiful palace of Dragonara Casino is home to a classy restaurant, the Don Serafino Restaurant, where you can taste extraordinary dishes and wines, prepared by Sicilian chefs, who will always have excellent fresh fish to let you taste the culinary masterpieces typical of the area and Sicily. As for accommodation, the Dragonara Casino offers accommodation solutions with hotels affiliated. You can manage your stay at Dragonara Casino, so you can leave yourself alone the task of relaxing.


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